Since 1974, the Planner Pad® Organizer Has Helped People Become More Productive.

The Planner Pad organizer is also used by business owners, university coaches and professors, even specialists at the FBI and EPA. And because it's designed specifically to organize ALL the roles and responsibilities in a person's life, the Planner Pad organizer is a big hit with moms, dads, and anyone else looking for a more balanced lifestyle, 7 days a week. And many more!

“Half of any job is using the right tool!” is a concept I learned from my father growing up on our Nebraska farm, and it has become one of the key principles of my productivity training business for over 30 years. My philosophy is “Productivity is an art” — and the Planner Pad® organizer is designed in such a way that our clients can customize it to meet their needs and preferences. The Planner Pad® organizer has been my tool of choice for managing my personal and professional life for nearly two decades. It is a perfect complement to my smart phone and my SwiftFile, and enables me to accomplish my work and enjoy my life!

Barbara Hemphill

Founder, Productive Environment Institute
Author, Kiplinger’s Taming the Paper Tiger at Home and Taming the Paper Tiger at Work

We are especially proud here at Planner Pads Co. that Ms. Hemphill, a pioneer in the field of professional organizing, is a long-time user of the Planner Pad® organizer.

Ms. Hemphill has appeared on numerous television shows, including NBC's Today Show, ABC's Good Morning America, CBS' This Morning, CNN Nightly News, CNBC, ABC's The View, and HGTV's Help at Home. She speaks frequently at national conventions, is a corporate spokesperson, a consultant and talent for training videos, and has been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles includingFast Company, Business Week, Reader's Digest, USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Boston Herald, and The Wall Street Journal.

Her clients include GlaxoWellcome, Staples Office Supply, Enesco, Hallmark, Eastman Kodak, Time Warner, 3M, USA Today, and offices of the U.S. Senate, as well as numerous government agencies and associations.

Planner Pads® are by far the best paper planner available anywhere. In my 13 years of practice, working with super-busy people, I have seen first-hand the importance of using the right planning tool. Although they’re not aware of it, the standard appointment book or planner causes problems for people and contributes greatly to their time management struggles, because it forces them to focus on daily minutia at the expense of the big-picture, long-term planning.

The Planner Pad® is totally different. It’s the only tool that makes it easy to balance all the areas of your life and achieve your long-term goals. I have gotten many of my clients to use Planner Pads. In fact, many are still using the Planner Pad® years later and are even buying them for their co-workers and friends!

Jan Jasper

Author, Take Back Your Time: How to Regain Control of Work, Information, & Technology, St. Martin’s Press.

We very much appreciate Ms. Jasper’s complimentary remarks and her recommendation of the Planner Pad® in her book.

Far more efficient than Day Runner® or Franklin Day Planner®. I’m a totally committed customer. My husband is hooked, too.

Valerie A. Crawford

Cedar Ridge, CA

Other options become not only expensive but exceedingly cumbersome. The Planner Pad® is the most efficient system for organizing my life.

Judy Goodwin

Coldwell Banker, Charlotte, NC

I was a devout user of the Day-Timer® but your system far exceeds it. I’m sold on the Planner Pad®.

Dan J. Matsche

Orlando, FL

I was a Day-Timer® user 8 years until I discovered Planner Pads®. I’m a convert. Makes my life more manageable.

Deborah Steely

Executive Director, Raleigh, NC

Previously I used a Franklin Planner®. I’ve been a Planner Pads® user nearly two years. It satisfies my needs much better. I thoroughly enjoy it.

Robert D. Bisking

San Antonio, TX

My company paid for me to change to another system. I refused. I’m more confident using my Planner Pad®

W. Starke Camden

Scott Insurance, Lynchburg, VA

I was never terribly disorganized, but my lists had lists. I no longer have lists taped to my desk or my purse. Everything is written in my Planner Pad®.

Linda K. Daly

Virginia Beach, VA

Being able to design my own categories makes this a truly personal tool. My weekly planning is much easier than in the past.

Clarence E. Bass

Benefits Planning, Richmond, VA

It's the organizer of choice for employees at corporations like:

Fidelity Investments AT&T  Kraft Foods  Apple 
Microsoft  NY Life FedEx  General Electric