About Planner Pads

The Planner Pads Company has been in business for more than 40 years helping people be more focused and organized in both their professional and personal lives. Each day our customers give themselves the “added edge” by organizing their lives with the Planner Pad organizer.

Our system recognizes that merely organizing your day-to-day activities is just not enough because that means letting your activities control you. Instead, the Planner Pad organizer uses the proven "funnel effect" method to categorize, prioritize, and only then schedule what needs to be done and when. You'll feel better while getting more done.

We are so certain that the Planner Pad organizer will help you get more organized that we offer you this no-risk guarantee, try it for the first time up to six months. If you feel that it has not given you an extra hour a day to call your own, if it has not helped you become more productive in your job or personal life, then send it back for a full product refund. Six months! No other organizer backs up its promises with a six-month guarantee.

Over the years, the effectiveness and customer loyalty of our organizer has grown our business such that today our customers call home around the world.