Add an Extra Hour to Your Day.

We've developed a unique system that helps you organize, prioritize and schedule what matters most to you.

What makes a Planner Pad organizer more effective than other time management tools?

It’s our exclusive funneling system.

Rollover each stage in the funnel to see how it works.

Tap the funnel below to learn more.

1 1 - Categorize

Take inventory of everything
you have going on in your life.

1 - Categorize

The first section replaces to-do lists and sticky notes. This is the “Project Warehouse” where you organize all business and personal activities into categories you choose.

2 2 - Prioritize

Assign specific
days for action.

2 - Prioritize

The second section is your daily activity plan. Funnel down things that need attention during the week and are a priority from Categorize section. Assign specific days for action.

3 3 - Schedule

Block out time to
get things done.

3 - Schedule

The third section is your daily appointment book. Schedule time to work on projects from Prioritize section and get things done. Schedule people to see, meetings to attend and personal activities.

Get Organized Within 6 Months — Or Get Your Money Back.

That's the Planner Pad Guarantee.

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Loose Leaf Organizer

Loose Leaf Organizers

"I've tried other planners, but the Planner Pad® organizer is the only one that has worked for me and it's the Institute's recommended organizer."

Barbara Hemphill

Founder, Productive Environment Institute

Author, Less Clutter, More Life

Compare the Planner Pad family of products with ordinary organizers, planners and calendars.

The Exclusive Planner Pad
Funneling System

With our exclusive funneling method, nothing slips through the cracks. Your life becomes more manageable and less stressed so you accomplish more.

See the Big Picture

The weekly view gives you a full 7-day snapshot of your life. Planners that only show one day at a time don’t let you see the bigger picture. It’s difficult to allocate time when you’re not looking at an entire week.

No Need to Recopy Tasks

Don’t spend time copying over items that you didn’t get around to. The Planner Pad family of organizers give you options to carry over undone activities that are left over from past weeks that need attention.

12 Months of Planning and
Plenty of Workspace

The Planner Pad family of products gives you 12 full months of planning with plenty of space for notes, tracking progress, and scheduling a week at a time—Monday through Sunday.

Track Weekly Expenses

In the weekly view, we provide a dedicated section for you to track expenses or other notes. Simply add the name, date, and amount for future reference.

Satisfaction, Guaranteed

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied at any time in the first 6 months, just return your Planner Pad organizer and we’ll refund the entire product price. No questions asked.

Other Features

  • A choice of quarterly start dates: January, April, July, October - or start anytime with our undated version
  • Daily appointment calendar with full-day scheduling from morning to evening
  • Special “notes” sections for capturing goals, tracking results, brainstorming ideas
  • A section for important phone numbers and contact information
  • Monthly calendars and note pages to start each month
  • Yearly planning calendars - ideal for blocking out conferences, conventions, vacations, even graduations and weddings
  • List of holidays