Organizer FAQs

Q: What is the difference between loose leaf and spiral bound?

A: A loose leaf organizer has punched holes and the pages are held in a ring binder or cover. The spiral bound pages are held together with a wire binding in a board cover. Our spiral bound editions are slim, easy to carry, and are most popular sellers.

Q: Why does loose leaf style have 7 holes vs. 3 holes?

A: We have found that a 7 holes version resists page hole tearing better than 3 holes during the course of use/turning pages.


Q: If I have a competitor’s 7 ring cover already, will the Planner Pad organizer pages fit in it?

A: Our Executive size organizer (8 ½ “X 11”) will fit. But our Personal size organizer (6 ¾” x 8 ½”) will not fit because our pages are wider than industry to accommodate our “funnel down” format.

Q: Why is the Professional size organizer only available in an undated edition?

A: When the company was started back in 1973, all the organizers were developed in an undated format. Eventually when dated and quarter start editions were added, demand at the time was calling for smaller, more portable editions. Thus, the Professional size wasn't changed.

Q: What is difference between a 3 pocket and a 5 pocket cover?

A: The difference is just the number of pockets on the inside cover of our covers and how they are positioned. The 3 pocket version’s pockets open to the top of cover. The 5 pocket version’s pocket openings open to the side plus this version includes a number of gusseted pockets with at least with one zippered closure.

Q: Can you bill me?

A: We have found it to be best practice not to bill customers. Payment must be received in the form of a check or credit card before shipment. We do accept purchase orders from government, school and established corporations. All of which are subject to prior approval before shipment.

Q: Can I substitute a different cover in the introductory offer?

A: Yes you can, for an additional cost. But, because of the number of covers and varying sizes, that capability is not available online. Please call customer service at 1-800-315-7526 and one of our reps will help you.

Q: Why are imprints not available on our covers?

A: The imprinting machine at times has a “hiccup” and doesn’t print an imprint to our standard. We then have to have the organizer spiral bound cover replaced. We are unable to do that with a leather or vinyl cover.

Q: How long has the Planner Pad organizer been available?

A: The unique Planner Pad organizer with its “funnel down” method was developed in 1973. Our product is used by everybody from corporate executives to sport coaches to soccer moms. See our testimonial page for comments from some of our customers.