Electronic Application FAQs

Q: Is the app’s navigation any different than paper version?

A: The three tier “funnel” approach to organizing your tasks and activities is fundamentally the same with the app’s navigation being a little different. The paper version’s three sections work from top to bottom on the page. Because computer and tablet screens are much smaller than our weekly spreads, the app’s navigation must move horizontally and vertically. It’s best that you go to The App to see how it works graphically and to watch the video.

Q: How do I add my first category into the application?

A: Locate the “Add a category” field in the top right-hand corner. Fill in the name the category to your preference and press the ”+” icon to add the category.

Q: What types of categories should I enter into my Planner Pad Organizer?

A: Your categories /tasks should reflect your career and lifestyle. These categories should include all aspects of work and home life. Category examples could be Work, Professional Development, New Ideas, Networking, Volunteering, Workout, and Family activities. Under these categories, you list all of the tasks/ activities that need to be accomplished in support of that respective category. In regards to everything you need to in the current week or weeks ahead. These categories/tasks should include ones that need attention in the short term and the long term. Everything stays right in front of you.

Q: How do I add a note to an activity in Categorize?

A: Click on the pencil icon found to the side of the activity. This will bring up a page where you can enter your note. Once saved, that note will be available for your review, edit, and can be searched in the application.

Q: How do I prioritize my activities during for week?

A: In prioritize, you can drag items from the categorize section or add specific activities that need attention during the current week. As you move tasks to specific days, you’re prioritizing the most urgent and important. Remember, if you have a task not found in activities, simply click in the “Add a daily thing to do” section of the day you want to add it in and enter in the name of the activity.

Q: Will I be reminded of my unfinished tasks?

A: Yes, at the beginning of your new week you’ll be reminded of any tasks that may still be lingering from the previous weeks in a red notification found in the prioritize navigation selection at the bottom of your screen. Once in Prioritize, you can maximize the drop down to see all of your unfinished tasks so you do not have to go to prior weeks to find them.

Q: Can I schedule my activities during a specific time period?

A: Yes, you’ll be able to drag and drop from the daily activities portion of the screen on the left-hand side to a time period of your choosing in the Schedule section on the right-hand side. Remember, if you have an appointment that isn’t already listed, please use the “add an appointment” field found at the top right-hand corner of the screen, enter in your appointment and press the “+” icon. A window will appear in which you can enter in all specific information for your new appointment such as name, location, time, and alerts.

Q: What levels of calendar do you have in the Planner Pad Organizer?

A: We can show you weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars for long-term planning. By clicking on the calendar icon found at the bottom right-hand corner you will bring up the weekly view of the calendar. You can toggle between month and year by clicking on your desired selection on the top right-hand corner of that screen. You can also toggle from week to week using the “week” arrows.

Q: Can I add contacts and create my own groups?

A: Yes. In the contacts section you can add new contacts as well as group them in whatever way you desire. You can find the contacts section by clicking on the “contacts” icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The app can sync a single ID for Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Yahoo Contacts and Web Outlook Calendar. At this time, we cannot sync Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook 365, iCal, iCloud and Lotus. By clicking on the “settings” icon you can select under “Synched Information” the account or accounts you want to sync information from.

Q: Can I track Expenses and Mileage?

A: Yes, we have separate tools for you to track both as well as download them in a format of your choosing for easier consumption outside of the Planner Pad Organizer. These two tools can be utilized by selecting their specific icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Q: Are there any differences between the Web, Tablet, and Smart Phone versions of the application?

A: The Web and the Tablet versions are the exact same in that they both allow you to plan and check off activities. The Smart Phone is a complimentary tool that is designed to help you check off things you’ve already planned in the other two platforms, check your calendar when away from the other platforms, and for easy note taking, expenses, and mileage. The desired workflow for our users is to do the planning using your Computer or Tablet, and using your Smart Phone for only checking off and ancillary tools. The Smart phone does not have enough screen space to properly use the Planner Pads organizing system.

Q: What mobile platforms is the Planner Pad Organizer available for?

A: The application can be downloaded on the Apple AppStore for iOS users, and the Google Play Store for android users. The web version is available on any device however due to smaller screen sizes, we don’t recommend using anything below a 10 inch screen when using this application’s web version.

Q: Are there any performance issues I need to know, such as, is my phone or tablet too old to use this?

A: The Planner Pad Organizer has been optimized for iOS 7 (and above) and Android Kit Kat 4.0 (and above). We recommend using it in these settings for an optimal experience.