Personal Green Spiral Bound Jan2016-Dec2016

Personal Green Spiral Bound Jan2016-Dec2016


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Personal size 6 3/4 X 8 1/2 Spiral Bound - $7.19

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Show Your Organizer Who's Boss.
Complement the front cover of your Planner Pad organizer with a gold foil stamped
imprint of your name and/or company name.

* Executive/Professional may have up to 27 characters per line including spaces, the Personal size is a limited to a maximum of 22 characters per line including spaces. Special characters are limited to: .,-'&!/"@:.

Note: If you are planning on ordering a cover (any fabric cover) for your Planner Pad, you should know that imprints go only on the outside of the Planner Pad organizer. Imprints are not available on any cover.



Personal Green Spiral Bound Jan2016-Dec 2016