Personal Loose Leaf Green Ink

Loose Leaf Organizer - Green Ink Style - Personal Size


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  • Soft green ink lines with black accents
  • 7 Hole punch pages (binder not included)
  • 12 months of planning system
  • Choice of quarterly start date:
    Jan, April, July or Oct
  • Personal size - 6 ¾" x 8 ½"
  • See Full Spread

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Show Your Organizer Who's Boss.
Complement the front cover of your Planner Pad organizer with a gold foil stamped
imprint of your name and/or company name.

* Executive/Professional may have up to 27 characters per line including spaces, the Personal size is a limited to a maximum of 22 characters per line including spaces. Special characters are limited to: .,-'&!/"@:.

Note: If you are planning on ordering a cover (any fabric cover) for your Planner Pad, you should know that imprints go only on the outside of the Planner Pad organizer. Imprints are not available on any cover.



Product Features

  • Flexibility to add pages and accessories
  • White paper with soft green ink lines/black accents
  • 7 Hole punch pages (binder not included)
  • 12 months of planning system
  • Choice of quarterly start date:
    Jan, April, July or Oct
  • Personal size - 6 ¾" x 8 ½"

Dated formats - you pick quarter start date

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

Loose leaf organizer requires 7 ring binder or cover.

See All You Get

It's your complete, single-source reference.

Look at all you get...

  • 52 Weeks of Increased Productivity Planning
    See all your plans for the entire week on two pages. Helps you think in a logical order. Makes it easy to decide what deserves your attention. Funnels events from idea stage to point of action. A productive work flow is established. You work smarter.
  • Goals/Projects Section
    Helps you capture goals, track results, and collect ideas.
  • Month Calendar Page
    Monthly calendar and note page at the beginning of each month (dated Editions only).
  • Forward Planning Calendars
    Schedule a full year of important activity on a two page spread. You get the current calendar year, plus next two years. Great for planning meetings, deadlines, special projects and vacation time.
  • Time Zone Map
    Plan effective long distance calls and schedule your travel.
  • Important Phone Numbers Section
    Keeps your phone numbers "field ready." Gives you a quick reference to frequently called clients, friends and business places. Includes space for area codes and addresses, too.
  • Holidays Page
    Three year special events calendar for the current year and two years forward. Shows National holidays plus important Christian and Jewish observances.
  • Handy Business Expense Record
    There's space to show your expenses each week. Makes it easy to relate expenses to the event causing it. Creates valid evidence for tax purposes or employer reimbursement. A permanent record for future reference.

Why It Works

Discover the Planner Pad Organizer Difference

Compared to ordinary calendars, planners, and other organizing systems, the Planner Pad organizer's exclusive 3-tier design funnels your focus to help identify, manage, and accomplish things that matter most to you both at work and in your personal life.

Each weekly 2-page spread gives you plenty of space to:

  1. Categorize what needs to be done now and in the future
  2. Prioritize daily things to do and then
  3. Schedule specific times to get things done including activities, meetings, and appointments

A single organizing tool that balances all of your goals and activities 7 days a week.

Works like a funnel

to find priorities, organize work flow, and plan personal activities

  1. The top section replaces to-do lists and sticky notes. This is the "Project Warehouse" - a place where you can organize all business and personal activities by categories that you choose. The horizontal layout gives you maximum visibility making it easy to group like activities and see all that needs to be accomplished ...CATEGORIZE
  2. The middle section is your daily activity plan. Funnel down things that need attention during week and are a priority from the top section. Assign specific days for action ...PRIORITIZE
  3. The lower section is your "appointment book." Schedule time for you to work on projects from middle section and to get things done. Schedule people to see, meetings to attend, and personal activities...SCHEDULE

With the Planner Pad system, you've funneled down all those tasks that were placing such a burden of stress on your life and broken them down into easily manageable tasks.

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